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Astrology for Lovers

by Liz Greene
I am a and
She / He is a and

How do you love?

You chat, laugh and flirt with someone whom you suddenly find incredibly annoying. Or you rave about someone of whom your friends thoroughly disapprove. How is this possible? The secret lies in the stars. So, Capricorn and Aquarius are better off if they don't share their bed. On the other hand, Libra and Gemini are guaranteed to find romance together. Who really suits you is revealed in "Astrology for Lovers".

Select the star signs and gender in the boxes above, click on "How do you love" and read Liz Greene's delightful texts about the love life of the twelve zodiac signs.

Text based on the book
"Astrology for Lovers",
Liz Greene, Paperback - 368 pages, 1990
© Liz Greene / Astrodienst AG

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