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Love Horoscope of Wednesday, 6 September 2017
for Marilyn Monroe, born 1 June 1926
(Safe sharing without personal data)
Full Moon 

In a harmonious mood

Valid during several weeks: You're in a very harmonious mood. This will be apparent from your behaviour and outward appearance.

You now try to avoid arguments. However, if you do unwittingly get involved in one, you'll be the one who backs down or tries to calm things down. You present your likeable side because you want to please your partner and indeed everyone else. If you've recently been involved in some kind of disagreement you're unlikely to bring this up now. You would prefer to brush it under the carpet for the sake of peace.

You take care of your appearance and are well-groomed. You probably spend more time in front of the mirror because everything must match and be in the right place. But this extra effort won't necessarily make you any happier about your appearance because you have unusually high expectations. Compliments from other people will make you feel better, although you should try to avoid becoming reliant on these to boost your self-confidence. Look at yourself in the mirror and you'll discover just how attractive you are!

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Venus in 1st house,  1,
activity period from 5 September 2017 until 24 September 2017
Other transits occurring today
Full Moon in 8th house, exact at 00:03 
Moon conjunction Mars, exact at 12:27 
Moon trine Saturn, exact at 13:43 
Important long-term influences  (overview)
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"Space for two?" (Saturn trine Neptune)
"A time for tenderness" (Mercury trine Venus)
"Spring in your heart" (Jupiter sextile Neptune)
"Being the one in charge" (Mars in 1st house)
"Recharging your Batteries" (Sun in 2nd house)
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