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Astrology for your website
Astrodienst Webmaster Tools

Astrodienst Webmaster Tools are free offers which anyone can build into his/her website. With minimum effort you will receive an attractive and reliable astrological content which ensures frequent visitors on your site.

Current Planets
Current Planets

Current Birthdays
Current Birthdays

Astrodienst provides these tools for free. Minimal HTML knowledge is required for intergration on your website. If you are in doubt, instruct your webmaster with this work. The tools are integrated on your site via iframes, and the content will be updated automatically every time the page is accessed.

Tool #1: Current Planets

A smart insert for each astrological website. It is the same as on our own homepage. The data, which is calculated with the usual precision of Astrodienst is being updated every minute.

You will receive an individually-generated code for your site. Just click on the link “obtain code" and follow the instructions on the next page.

Current Planets, 200 px width, ca 320 px height
Tool #2: Current Birthdays

This tool lists the actual birthdays of VIPs in the Astro Databank, (today or yesterday), with a direct link to the corresponding AstroDataBank page.

You will receive an individually-generated code for your site. Just click on the link "obtain Code" and follow the instructions on the next page.

Current and yesterday's date, 10 data
200 px width, ca 330 px height
Current and yesterday's date, 20 data
200 px width, 465 px height

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