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Beside the authors whose articles are published in the section "All about Astrology", some freelance authors write for Astrodienst.

Silvia Benz
Astrologer and Author

Silvia Benz Portrait Silvia Benz, born in 1964, worked as foreign language secretary in various companies from 1984 to the end of 2003, among others the fashion magazines Vogue, Glamour. She is fluent in English, French and Italian.

In 1995, she got to know the Astrological Psychology of the Huber school through Wolfhard König in Munich and after the introductory course, she studied various other astrological schools. She helped with the distribution of the German astrology magazine merCur, published by Friedrich Meier and made contact with many astrology schools.

At a symposium organised by Beatrice Ganz in 1998 in Zürich, she met her later husband Dieter Koch. Their daughter was born in 2004.

Silvia Benz is a long-standing member of the Astro-Club Zürich. Since 2011 she is a member of the board and is in charge of the aquisition of lecturers, where her main concern is to discover new talents.

In 2001, Silvia Benz wrote her first weekly horoscopes for the website of the Glamour magazine. Since 2008, she writes the Weekly Horoscopes for Astrodienst. Furthermore, she is the author of the Love Horoscope (in the Personal Daily Horoscope).

Texts for Astrodienst

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