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The ideal Present

A Horoscope as a Gift

A printed and bound horoscope report by Astrodienst is a special and very personal present which can be re-read over the years, thus creating a long-lasting bond between sender and recipient.

All Astrodienst horoscopes are printed individually for you, and bound with an attractive high gloss cover in A4 format. They are interesting to read for yourself, but also make an ideal present.

Gift Certificate

gift CertificateFor all horoscope reports the exact birth data are needed. But what if you don't know the exact time and place of birth - and do not want to ask the person you wish to surprise? Just give them the Astrodienst Gift Certificate. You can even choose the horoscope type you would like to issue the Certificate for. The recipient can use it online at genea-world.info or via fax or regular mail. It's that easy!

Order your gifts early


Giving a gift can be a ritual to demonstrate our appreciation and mutual respect. An individually made chart analysis is especially suitable as a personal gift since it speaks the language of the soul.

Keep in mind to order your gifts early to make sure they reach you in time for the festive season!

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